Our Story

Our Theory Of Time is simple. Time is a measurement of our lives and what we do within it. Time acknowledges our existence within this vast universe and allows each one of us to dream and aspire to all that life has to offer.

We appreciate simple design and good style, so our first collection of wrist watches is one that we would wear ourselves. When combining all the elements, we took inspiration from our theory of time and space - and incorporated the use of black in various ways - in matt and gloss, complimented by silver and rose-gold. Our straps are metallic mesh and genuine leather.

We wanted to share a time teller that will be on our wrist as we experience all of life’s great events. Throughout the ups, downs, while having fun, and achieving our dreams - this time teller will be with us to mark those occasions.

Our Theory Of Watches - a modern reflection of the classic wrist watch.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”